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Qi and blood are the foundation of life. Are you doing it?

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Qi and blood are the foundation of life. Are you doing it?

As we all know, from a person's face can be roughly seen from the person's physical health, and usually we often say the face is not good, in fact, it is a person's lack of gas and blood.

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And want to have enough energy and blood, in addition to fill, first learn not to waste, don't waste.

Smart as you are, avoid these and you will save a lot of energy and blood.


Improper movement

Exercise let qi and blood also pass, especially the body has moisture, sweat, especially can take away the moisture. But, this suits at Yang qi to still sufficient but qi and blood is not free person only, or for food thick be greasy with, or for long time sit still, or for thinking excessively, but does not suit at qi and blood to lose greatly person absolutely. Due to the deficiency of the function of Yang qi fixation, Yang qi dissipation leads to even more deficiency after exercise.

Additional motion belongs to unripe hair, should be the thing of spring and summer day, and now a lot of people are motion fitness in the evening, seem to make up for by day motion inadequacy, violated nature actually "grow collect" rule, the gas blood that can let a person only gets hurt more.

If you have any of the following symptoms, there is something wrong with your exercise.

1. Feeling tired after exercise instead of relaxed. (if you bite your teeth and then relax, the change is overdrawn)

2, menstruation late, less amount.

3, no appetite, indigestion.

4, emotional instability easily impulsive.

5, insomnia, dreams, drowsiness, wake up confused and heavy head.



The second

Eating right


Every penny you eat counts. Eat too rough, unconsciously eat a lot of, no saliva package, food bulk hoarding in the spleen and stomach, waste the body's qi and blood to digest them.

Heavy taste

The more flavorful the food, the more it drains the essence. Modern people especially like the heavy taste, spicy too much, consumption of energy. And eat poor food more flavor, is a strong body, full of vitality.

Don't eat the corn

Most of the time, we are the first to abandon, often is the most you should not abandon things. For example, grains. "Grain for raising", the most nourishing spirit, but also the most nourishing blood.


Mood bad

Bad mood, the human body blood consumption is the largest. Want to know, we each have a heart and soul, plan or worry or worry, angry or upset or, all in the consumption of qi and blood.

What do practitioners practice? Cultivate is the heart, their dharma in the final analysis is the method of meditation, the six roots of pure, in the final analysis is a "minus" word.


Going too fast

Now people say everything fast, fame to fast, eat fast, ride fast, talk fast... Want to know, quick need to expend energy violently, the consequence is to die quickly certainly. So we should calm down, slow down, this is a state of accumulation of energy, to be able to raise qi and blood back.

Staying up late is the main cause of consuming qi and blood. This everybody listens to very much, because at night advocate Yin, daytime advocate Yang. Blood is Yin, evening is to raise blood when, you do not sleep, how can not qi blood deficit? It takes a lot of energy and blood to take a bath at night when you are tired.

Try four TCM steps

Chinese medicine thinks, raise sufficient qi blood to human body health is crucial, general but will recuperate through 5 steps, offer everybody reference.

1. The spleen and stomach

Spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, the spleen has the function of regulating blood intake, so the treatment of blood syndrome must pay attention to regulating spleen and stomach. Diet can eat pumpkin, yam, lotus seeds, lentils, coix seed and other food materials to strengthen the spleen and benefit the stomach.

In addition, it is recommended to do "ba duan jin" to "regulate spleen and stomach arm single lift". This is one of the movements in baduanjin, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach, especially suitable for people with anxiety and irregular diet.

Action: stand, feet apart, shoulder-width apart. Turn your right hand up, fingers together, palm up, fingertip left, at the same time, left hand down, palm down, fingertip forward, thumb out, look up at the right fingertip for a moment. After the action is restored, two hands are repeated alternately, repeat many times.

Nourishing spleen and stomach still has a simple method to use pull muscle board to pull muscle namely, this board volume is small, use is big.

2. Nourishing the liver blood

The liver stores blood, ACTS as the main drainage, regulates qi, and helps to regulate spleen and stomach. Therefore, nourishing the liver blood is the basis of regulating qi and blood. Chinese medicine believes that "liver depression is spleen deficiency", depressed and angry emotions can damage the liver, spleen, leading to qi and blood consumption injury.

In addition, "the person lies blood returns liver", scientific research discovers, when the person is sleeping, the blood flow that enters liver is when standing 7 times. Therefore, don't get angry, stay up late, and don't overwork your body.

Pull muscle beat, is the most simple and practical method of nourishing blood and protecting liver. You can do it every day with a hamstring bench, tapping the inside of the arm, the palm, the inside of the thigh. From the point of view of meridian, palmpalm has the Lao gong acupoint of pericardium classics, it is advocate blood, palmhand rub hot after the effect of activating blood.

3. Cold evil

As a Chinese saying goes, "if blood is warm, it will do; if it is cold, it will coagulate". Cold pathogenic factors will cause blood stasis, obstruction of channels and collaterals, and obstruction of qi and blood biochemistry, which will easily lead to joint diseases, gastrointestinal discomfort or induce cough.

The pathogenic cold mainly comes from two aspects. One is to catch cold, such as taking cold showers, wading in cold water and blowing air conditioning. The second is from the diet, mainly eating cold food, such as cold drinks, iced fruit, etc.

Drinking ginger jujube tea properly can drive out cold and replenish energy.

4. Get some exercise

Splenic advocate muscle, muscle has consumption to have lack, splenic stomach function just can grow, this is human body nature act as, the action of external force of medicaments does not have so big effect.

Moderate exercise, to be precise. Excessive exercise, will be counterproductive, great sweat will consume qi and blood instead.

The best way to exercise is to work up a sweat. Besides, exercise is better in the morning than in the afternoon. Because the human body in the morning Yang jing, comply with its hair; Afternoon line Yin, the main static, quiet point, Yin blood storage.

Thank you for your attention and support, thank you!



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