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The United States in 1998, the ha group co., LTD., founded in New York, USA, China headquarters in Shanghai, which owns Shanghai ha industrial development co., LTD., Shanghai, the industrial development co., LTD., Shanghai beauty beauty ha ha pharmaceutical technology co., LTD., Hong Kong (holdings) co., LTD., Shanghai health hall biological technology co., LTD. It has a modern production base of 100,000 GMP.

As a multinational enterprise specializing in the research and development of antibacterial agents and female reproductive beauty treatment series products, meha has a fully automatic capsule production line, as well as 16 modern production lines。

Meha is the guarantee of reputation and quality. Developed by the United States, private antibacterial gel, tighten the protection inside carving Dan, firming peptide producing, men's function of liquid, antibacterial lotion, Chinese materia medica pads, foot bath effervescent tablets, beriberi spray, arrows shot qing, privates T film and so on more than 30 private care series and more than 100 products, adopt natural cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine, and use the German basf, dow and silver ion technology in Japan, from natural herbal high purity of fermented bacillus fermentation peptide products, alternative antibiotics have 37 kinds of amino acids.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, meha group has devoted itself to biomedical science and technology industry and created an enterprise model with unique characteristics and core competitiveness. At first, we have a number of professional and technical personnel in biomedical science and technology, including doctors, graduate students and undergraduates. At the same time, we have cooperated with many well-known universities to set up r&d teams, including two 100,000-level laboratories in nanhua university of traditional Chinese medicine, fudan university in Shanghai and tongji university in Shanghai, which are fully capable of independent physical and chemical experiments and formulation research and development.

Relying on its outstanding technical advantages, meha has applied for more than 20 national technical invention patents, cooperated with more than 900 brands and several large listed companies in the world to develop private care projects, and provided one-stop services such as product project establishment and positioning, formula, production, packaging material design, submission for inspection and filing, project market planning and marketing.

In the past 20 years, we have been accelerating our pace and accumulated energy. We have established brand businesses in the cinema, wechat business, e-commerce, direct sales, and pharmaceutical industries all over the country.

Bloom the light of glory, believe in the power of technology. Meha group has obtained ISO 9001 certification by virtue of its professional technology! In particular, it has won many titles such as "member unit of Shanghai STD and AIDS prevention association", "member unit of 3.15 trust consumption integrity", "leading enterprise of private care industry market vitality", "green environmental protection enterprise" and "best technological innovation enterprise of the year" in 2017.

Carrying the honor, carrying the dream. Meha group will always adhere to "honesty as the root, to the letter. Be courteous to one another. The price is two different. Walk by word, walk and win the concept, from the people, service to the people, fully follow the pace of great health, committed to become a set of product research and development, education and training, marketing planning, market investment services as one of the global reproductive care industry standard pole enterprise as the goal! Toward the peak of biomedical science and technology to climb!



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